Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm happy about...

At Fernwood this week a mother-by-proxy moment unfurled around me.  We were in a circuit class in groups of five.  Four of us were long time mums and a younger lass was returning to the gym six weeks after having her second child.  We couldn't mother her enough! She said how lovely it was as her mother lives in the UK.  We didn't swamp her - no time for that in a circuit class - but just little comforting snippets and empathy were sent her way. Nice.

I baked this lasagne with bechamel sauce and a spinach layer.  Wonderful winter comfort food. There was enough to do a food drop at my sister's house.

I have a thing for owls and this one is from Doris Anne on Etsy.

 My drive to school is through market gardens and little hamlets.

 This is my coalface - threading the overlockers after students have unthreaded them. Somehow only a select few can master this dying art.

 This student finished her hoody with the added embellishment of a person called Lenny????

 Pinning and cutting.

Whipping up some hand warmers.

This little speedy Gonzales  finished two hoodies!

My sister brought this beautiful green tea with passionfruit, rose and marigold home from Noosa as a little giftee for minding her girls.  I brewed up a pot and had a lovely relax.

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