Friday, July 1, 2011

Laneway nook

I nicked into the city yesterday to scope the sales.  Lunch and a coffee were also high on the agenda.  I had read about Manchester Press in a few blogs so I headed to Rankins Lane just after the lunch rush. It  was quiet by then. The coffee was good and the bagels delicious - I have a revisit with my son in mind.

 The smoking dude reminds me of a certain someone who shouldn't smoke.

I have a thing for interesting light fittings.
 I also love a bit of wall painting.

 Hello samurai.
 The Community kitchen on the bridge between Melbourne Central and Myer has been featured on other blogs but I thought I'd note the progress of those herbs. I'm happy to report they are doing well and even though you are allowed to pick them they have not been decimated.

 All those herbs has me inspired to get my kitchen garden in order  - off to Bunnings I go.

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