Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Its a busy time around these parts lately - so I have maintained blog silence for a little while. 
I've posted some of these pics on instagram and facebook and they sum up a lovely festive season -

 Pesky possums - look cute but are really very bold.

 I actually baked!

 and ate far too many cherries...

 gifted some of my little shortbreads...

 drank a few of these amazing margaritas..

 while my friend L downed this little drop...

 wrapped and gave lots of pressies..

 baked again!

and ate a sumptuous feast.

I didn't get a chance to say my few words before our feast so here 'tis

" For all that we have right here, right now may we be truly grateful. "

Saturday, December 8, 2012

kanga softie

Back in the day little felt toys were popular as keepsakes  for  children to play with. When I designed this felt softie I had in mind the drawings of Norman Lindsay in the book he illustrated "The Animals Noah Forgot"
I also referenced his drawing for the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 

 Thanks for the design advice sister of mine! M said to put in a tummy panel to give the softie a more rounded shape and  she was right!

 Mumma kanga is made from pure wool felt using non toxic dyes and she has recyled PET bottle  stuffing. She is a thoroughly eco friendly little miss!
She is off to New Zealand with a friend to remind her of home while she is away. I like a bit of
 "old school" sometimes.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

christmas wrap up

I was inspired by Clare over at Checks and Spots  to share my little collection of Christmas wrap ideas.
First up is Clare's little stamping idea that I love. I searched in all the obvious places for a reindeer stamp for my wrapping this year and this little tree stamp would have been the bomb. That is if I'd gone into Typo.

And a few pics collected from Sunday Collector. Thanks Briar!

 This horse stencil idea is also from Sunday Collector and you can find her tutorial here.

 and this one too!

I love a good tag. The original post is here

Saturday, December 1, 2012

hail the pudding

 Its Christmas Pudding time and once again I have tackled the task with unbridled enthusiasm. If you detect The Grinch hanging around then you are spot on. But I have sent him scurrying and I've gotten on with the task.

I carry out this ritual every year  since I inherited the mantle from my parents. I always have a little laugh as I get all the ingredients ready and I dedicate the pudding to them. Its my bit of nostalgia and an ode to my father in particular.  He was quite a deft hand at Christmas fare and the jam making that comes at this time of the year when the plums ripen. oh the memories....

 I soaked the fruit in lashings of brandy.

I got out the Margaret Fulton recipe - oh Margaret you have served me well.

I threw it all together with the Breville mixer

and made a hideous mess in the kitchen.

The proof of the pudding.....

Only 25 sleeps til Christmas!
What's your favourite Christmas recipe?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The joy that is peonies

I go weak at the knees for these fat,
luscious,petalicious peonies.

Friday, November 16, 2012

exploding nano ipod

the other night whilst I was sleeping...... 

my 1st generation apple ipod nano exploded and burst into flames right next to my pillow. I still had the earphones in and the "bang" woke me up.  I instinctively grabbed the earphones out and held up the device by the cords while yellow flames and sparks shot out of it. It was still attached to the charger so I yanked that out and the flames stopped but plumes of the most acrid smoke poured out of it.
The sheets and pillow were all sooty but had not ignited so no other damage was done.

But now I am on a crusade to make sure all these old nanos are sent back to Apple's ipod exchange program.

You see tucked away in the apple website is a half-hearted acknowledgement that the 1st generation ipod nanos ( sold between 2005 and 2006 ) have faulty batteries that may be a fire hazard - ya think???? The batteries become more unstable as they age. There are enough cases of these nanos exploding or melting around the world for Apple to have instigated the exchange program but note that it is not called a recall. 
 I don't think they have taken sufficient responsibility to warn people. These devices could cause a house or car fire and the thought of one playing a lullaby on a speaker dock in a child's bedroom keeps haunting me.

I have been trying to get Apple to issue a warning and an email to all registered owners of these ipods. Most people have their Apple devices registered to access the itunes store. So really why has Apple avoided their responsibility?
Apple want me to sign a nondisclosure agreement , send my burnt out ipod back to them and then they will send me a new ipod nano.
Now I don't know about you but it seems like Apple is trying to buy my silence with a shiny new ipod worth $149.00.
I want them to issue a warning, and I don't want to be gagged. 
So I guess I won't be getting the new ipod.
But I'd rather have my conscience clear... damn you conscience.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hello Mr Curtis

A new tapas /wine/ coffee / haunt has opened in Mount Martha  - Mr Curtis -  and I for one will be heading there for drinks as soon as the sun is over the yard arm.
It was a bit too early this morning for imbibing -  so coffee it was.

We watched the Spirit of Tasmania cross the bay right in front of us as we were lounging back in retro woven scoop chairs from the 60's. Crochet Nanna rugs are scattered around at the ready in case a little chilly breeze happens to zephyr by.
Enter this lovely place from just on the corner of the Esplanade and Watson Road. Go up the stairs and a lovely view of port Philip Bay awaits. Sunset drinks here we come.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Noosa my old friend

Over the last 25 years Noosa has been on my frequent destination list and after an absence of a couple of years we have returned. A little chillax was needed and a kick start to a fitness program for skiing early next year.
We walked every inch of the National Park and then ate and drank our way from one end of Hastings street to the other. Back to rations next week...