Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm happy about...

I've always been a homebody - so coming home from holiday makes me happy.
It's the small random events that I find myself smiling about.

 We picked up the dog from boarding school on the way home from the airport.  She was in fine fettle and all white and fluffy after her wash.

 I love my niece's hair done up in this donut bun. A true rival for SJP.

Just to keep the flavors of Bali going I have been nibbling on these ginger toffees that I bought at Cafe Bali.

I had the misfortune to lose my Olympus Tough camera on my last day in Bali.  I have taken the opportunity, in my camera-less state, to rethink my camera needs.
I considered going down the SLR path and plan to do so soon, but I need a camera that fits into my pocket and can just point and shoot when I need it. Hence the purchase of the canon s95.  It has the option of customised settings when I want to explore white balance and aperture etc but I can use the auto function and get great shots on the fly.  Much of my photography is "quickly grab the camera and take a pic" so I'm happy with this purchase. The low light setting is fantastic and I put it to good use taking shots of my niece before her formal.
The s95 will be a good back up camera when I finally buy an SLR.
Farewell Olympus... you served me well.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

thanks Bob

Image from StanOd

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bali postscript

On our last day in Bali we went to Potato Head Beach Club in Petitenget.
It is a pool/restaurant/bar/sunbed venue where you can easily spend the day swanning around with the beautiful people!
My pics are a little bit average as I only had my phone to capture with but I think this rather unusual place is worth a look. The impressive long driveway builds the anticipation and then the building comes into view. It has a three storey facade built entirely of old plantation shutters. The entry ramp winds behind the shutters into the centre of the venue.
There are several bars , an infinity pool with thumping surf beyond and sunbeds to lie on whilst sipping a lemon juice or two.
My friend Mr I said that the spare ribs were the best he had ever tasted - big call.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm happy about...

So many things on a Bali holiday make me happy - how hard is it?.... Here is a little selection to finish off my roamings in this lovely warm place.

 As mentioned just a few times on this blog - I love a good owl image.  This little collection was in  a shop called  21 Concept at 47 Jalan Raya Seminyak. The fierce looking bird ring came from there as well.

 A good coffee is getting much more attainable in Bali. Biku was the location of this little drop.

 Johnny Ramli is a jewllery designer stocked in Magali pascal's boutique but Miss L and I wanted to see a larger range.  So we tracked his store down - Workshop 13 at 198 Jalan Laksmana. I agonized over my choice and I'm very happy with this pendant piece.

I found this quaint little silver mouse and had to take him home with me.
What's a holiday without some light reading?


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

jewel rocks in Bali

Miss L and I were intrigued to fossick out Jewel Rocks for their little cotton wristlet bands and dream catchers.
It is located at  17 Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak - off Jalan Oberoi directly in front of The Corner Store.
( great for coffee and bagels). It is out 400 m down from the corner and there is a little post office just before it.

My friend and I spent a lovely half hour or so choosing whimsical little beaded bands and colourful cotton wristbands for our offspring. The shop is a kitch delight with a cabinet full of swap cards and an ancient clothes iron and other antiques.

Monday, July 18, 2011

jalan jalan to Sea Circus

Sea Circus is a tapas and cocktail bar just around the corner from Body Works in Seminyak at 22 Jalan Laksmana. (Oberoi Road).  Here's the link.
After a spa treatment in the late afternoon Miss L and I dropped in to check out the decor and have a coffee.

 I love the coloured glass louvre windows.

 For their coffee they use Kintamani coffee beans freshly ground for each cup. It was very good.

The cocktails were enticing so we returned in the evening for a little tipple and some tapas.
Ok I didn't jalan jalan, I had to catch a taxi the two klicks to dinner because I have a big blister on my foot.  
The food was very tasty and interesting and the dessert menu included charros! The pick of the desserts was the apple and rasberry crumble. My favourite tapas was the butterfish with ginger/soy dressing, oh and the bean salad, (or maybe the beetroot salad with fetta and roasted hazelnuts.....)
It was all good.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm happy about...

Being on holiday is definitely putting a contented smile on my dial.
The little things that me happy are the same wherever I am. A luxurious skin product, a little glimpse of nature, a funny little animal antic and the delicious taste of a sunset drink - joy!
  Grown products are organic treats for the skin and the natural fragrance of this body cream is sublime.
I have never seen a dragon fly quite like this one and I rescued it from the pool after I took this photo.
This friendly moggy decided to perch behind my friend despite nearly being squished for his trouble.
Long Island Tea is a holiday favourite of mine and I look forward to the first sip to get the holiday vibe going.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bali High Tea

It is not something I  expected to find on my Bali food safari but High Tea is served at Biku, 888 Jalan Petitenget - a five minute cab ride from Ku De Ta.
Biku has eclectic decor and Tarot readings to accompany your high tea if you so desire. We were quite delighted to sit and partake of berry slushies and scones and cream. There is a full menu of local dishes for a more substantial meal.
This little spot is a quaint inclusion to our stay in this neck of the woods.