Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bali meal safari

We have tried lots of old favorite eat spots on this trip to Bali but have also ended up in surprisingly good eateries in little empty lanes.  Question is - do I give away my little gems and share with all or do I keep them to myself? Naah can't help myself.

I have already mentioned  Cafe Bali in Jalan Laksmana - it is a favourite lunch spot but the staff are sometimes a bit aloof to say the least. Try the salmon blinis or the rice paper rolls (raw).

Here's my restaurant lowdown from the first few days of our trip. If I get too Balified it might be all you hear from me for a few days.

Echo Beach Sunset Bar at Canggu has a lovely iced cappuccino.  Vanilla ice cream was in short supply in Bali this week due to religious ceremonies and when my coffee arrived with a generous scoop I was a little bit happy. At night this strip looks very 60's surfing scene and the barbeques are fired up to cook fresh fish.

 Steps up from the beach lead straight into this little beach cafe that has an air of "Moondoggie and Gidget" about it.  (look it up)

 Canguu is a surfing mecca for the boys and girls so inclined.

 For many this sums up Bali happy hour.

 Hidden down a lane in Seminyak ( Jalan Saridewi) is The Art Cafe. Several days a week it has "liv music" and sometimes they have everything on the menu available - as long as there has not been religious ceremony that meant that they didn't get their delivery!  The patrons love the free wifi.  It is only a few steps from our villa so it has become our lounge room.

Eat Street - Jalan Laksmana has been thumping and we found ourselves with no room at the inn!
One resourcful husband spied a Japanese fusion restaurant down a side lane between Trattoria and Ultimo.  It is Maya Sayang and has half price cocktails for the ladies between 6.00 and 9.00 - jackpot!  The food was a delicious confusion of a few influences - the spare ribs were melt in the mouth and the vegatable and seafood tempura was tasty but a little bit oily. We had made a lucky find and would definitely return to try other dishes

After driving all the way to Pettinget we realized that Satay Bali has moved from its old location  (opp The Legian) to the new set of shops and open air market opposite Paul's place . I love the chicken satays on the wood shavings burner.  The cooking school they run here is traditional Balinese cooking using fresh spices, chilies and lemongrass. Must do it one day!

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