Wednesday, November 30, 2011

must.. have...this..

OOOhhhh I would go to the coldest place on earth just so I could wear this furry delight.

The boots are pretty cool too.

Monday, November 28, 2011

bar hopping

Last weekend one bar was simply not enough.

At Bar Lourinha we presented as our group of seven and waited about fifteen minutes for a table. We had time to order our drinks and peruse the dishes passing by (that's the food not the patrons!) and then as promised we were seated. It was worth the wait. My G.G. Collins cocktail was lovely.

Tapas arrived in piping hot pans. This one was blood sausage and red peppers.

 Sardines were tasty.

These little mushrooms were my favourite.

 One in five green chillies is the super hot one - but which one?

After our tapas we moved on to GoGo bar, downstairs from Chin Chin over in Flinders Lane. Compfy couches and more cocktails.

 Lemon with Vietnamese mint and some white spirits - tasted like cordial but packed a punch.

Bar Lourinhã on Urbanspoon

Thursday, November 24, 2011

meet you at the Windsor

High Tea - (it just begs for capitals) at Hotel Windsor is a Melbourne institution.
We used to go there when I was a child as a very special treat or if something grander than the Little Cherry was required.
This time it was to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was fun to appreciate the finer things.

 I love an opulent bathroom.

A tower of calories - but who's counting? ... well I will be - next week.

  Regal silverware.

Superior flowers

 There would be no party without bubbles.

Sweet little art pieces.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm happy about...

Coming back from Fitzroy on Tuesday I was pretty desperate to get off the freeway to get some petrol - I picked the right exit as there was a petrol station just up the highway. That made me happy indeed. When I opened the petrol cap it gasped like it had been running on vapours for miles.
I had to have a gin and tonic when I got home to chill out.

 Zetta Florence in Brunswick Street was pretty cool - rows and piles of things. I like that.

 I loved the marbled paper on these journals.

 We walked further on to check out second hand clothing havens.

 Hunter Gatherer yielded some good finds.

 They had a wonderful row of old sewing machines - classics.

 The Myer De Luxe was a bit of a stunner in her day.

But I think the Homestar De Luxe might take the prize.

Just doodling some faces for upcoming softies. I think I was channeling ET on the left there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

softies for mirabel

I've been busy making a couple of plushies or softies as they are called, for this year's Mirabel Foundation call to arms for crafters.
I made Oscar the monkey as a softie that is safe for a bubba - no buttons or other choking bits and the tail is appliqued on.
I know - he's cute.
A monkey must have a tail.

This is one I prepared earlier - it was time to let Lucy go to a little person who can give her a good home.

Odd fellows.

Softies For Mirabelmirabel foundation link

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm happy about...

We've got weirdo tropical weather in Melbs at the moment and it has made the students languid.  That's ok though because we have almost completed our project and then the students rotate to another activity.
Yay, I'm finished for the year  - so lots of blogging for me!
Other projects on my 'to do list' are - creating a collection of framed photos and artfully displaying them, sewing some summer dresses, putting in a raised bed vege patch and maybe creating some cooking masterpieces and getting them on the table instead of relying on Kim & Lee. ( you guessed it - the local Chinese Restaurant).

 Balmy evenings are perfect for sitting on the boat.

Saw it - had to get it . Samantha Wills, you can be quite fierce when you want to be.

 This is my framing inspiration - from Domino magazine.

My next sewing group will be making playsuits or onesies - somewhat like this one but without the sultry pose ( at least while I'm looking)

Perhaps these images are more "suitable". I'm still looking for a pattern without the elastic casing at the top - so off to the pattern books I go.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm happy about...

I have wanted to try the latest Melbourne hotspot for a while so we had lunch there on Sunday. It's all happening there that's for sure.
We shared the corn and coriander fritters and the madtarbak followed by the sticky pork. My friend Mr I will have to give this dish a taste test. It was delish.

 Year of the Rabbit.

At the bar for some happy happy joy joy.

Downstairs there is the GoGo bar that serves Asian inspired drinks - compfy couch.

A quick snap of one of my son's sketch book drawings.

Funny fellow.

Always drawing...