Tuesday, June 7, 2011

street art

I have a mixed view about the art that others find compelled to share on the walls of buildings, fences and all manner of vertical surfaces.  I despise the wanton defacement of other people's property without their permission yet where would Melbourne be without its iconic laneway art?  Feel free to leave comments.
A well known street artist by the name of Rone has his first show at Backwoods Gallery soon.  His work is done on paper and pasted up on walls around town.  The natural deterioration of the paper over time adds to the artistic process. It also means that damage to property is limited.

I like his images of ladies faces. This is what he had to say about his recent work -
Artist Statement:

My recent work has been focused on two styles that I love to work with: the stencilled girls I’ve become known for and the screen-printed posters reminiscent of the designs that originally inspired me to make art.
L’inconnue de la rue is inspired by the story of L’Inconnue de la Seine, in which the body of an unknown girl was pulled out of the Seine River in Paris. Her peaceful expression added to the mystery surrounding her death.
L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street) is my adaption of the story, in which an unknown girl deals with the death of a loved one.
Exploring the juxtaposition between the beauty of my paste-up girls and their natural deterioration on the street led me to use layered and torn billposters as my canvas. The illegibility of the destroyed billposters signifies our inability to focus and make sense of life when faced with mortality.

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