Sunday, June 26, 2011

birdy bag

I wanted to make something for my friend's birthday and as I have been making prototypes of bags to sew with my students I thought I would give this bag a whirl. (click on Farmer's Market Tote)
I used pure cotton flock backed fabric from Spotlight, magnetic snap closures and 1 1/2 inch cotton webbing tape.
 I used Heat 'n Bond to fix these little birdies to the pocket, then I stitched around the edges.

 After sewing the base piece to the sides I laid the bag flat and pinned the strap in one continuous loop.

I sewed the straps in place.

 I made up the lining, placed it inside the bag, sewed around the top and turned it through. I then closed up the gap left in the bottom of the lining for turning the bag through.  oops look like the strap is attached a little too low on the left  there - I'll just hand sew it a little higher!
 I'm happy with those magnetic closures -I found instructions for attaching them here.
So I hope my friend enjoys her shopping bag..... Happy  Birthday L.


  1. Mary it was so special to receive this handmade goody. It is a rare treat to have someone take the time to make something especially for you and I love it. I promise it will be put to good use.
    much love

  2. You are so welcome L. That little task kept me off the streets for a couple of hours!❤


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