Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm happy about...

I'm a coffee lone ranger on occasion - but don't feel sorry for me!  I often have little moments of discovery when I allow my mind to wander or my eye to observe - all in that happy haze of decaf coffee. 
I go to Page8 in Mornington to have their amazing sandwiches and read Frankie magazine.  I love it so much I am now a subscriber.  But I still love the back copies.  In a recent lone ranger moment I read in the letters section an ode to Grandfathers as the less lauded of the grandies. The writer told of how her grandfather used a youtube tutorial to learn how to iron a shirt after his wife passed away. Reminded me of my Dad asking me how often one should change the sheets. That's a bit sad. Little tears were mixed with my decaf that day.

My little bowl of lemons and other things made me smile this week.

A random feather on the sand.

Hot Cross buns! This bun was the bun no one chose because it had a wonky cross. Still delicious.

I found these silver pieces in my Dad's old stuff. I think they cleaned up quite well.

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