Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Must Have Giant Watch

DKNY Street Smart Silver Bracelet Watch
Michael Kors Jet Set Sports Watch

ASOS Giant Retro Style Watch

I know for sure that I need a giant watch. Don’t judge me – I have poor close vision from all my years at the sewing machine. So the bigger the watch face the better. It just so happens that they are awfully fashionable at the moment so I have many to choose from. I have narrowed it down to the very affordable Giant Retro watch at ASOS, the DKNY Street Smart or the gorgeous Michael Kors Jet Set Sports. There are even larger faced watches from both DKNY and Michael Kors but I’m not fashionable enough to carry it off. If you have the credentials have a look at this link just for the desire factor. 

My dilemma is whether to go for the gold or stick to silver. I do not wear gold jewelery very often but somehow I think these watches just look right in gold. There is a latent homeboy somewhere in me.
I will have pics of my choice in the next week or so.

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