Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boots on my mind

Paul Smith at ASOS
Dallas at Wittner

This Winter (which I’m pretty sure has started before we’ve even had Autumn) I am continuing my love affair with ankle boots. How many pairs does one need? Well you need black ones and grey ones and khaki suede ones, some with open ankles and some with fitted ankles, low heels and at least one high-heeled pair.  So that means I really only need to buy one pair.
I love the dessert boot with a heel look.  But there is a warning here if you tend to have a little bit of extra cushioning around the ankle by the end of the day – the dessert booties finish right at the site of the problem.  I have purchased the Dallas at Wittners but I think they might have to be swapped for a lower heel and a slightly higher cut.  I’d love to keep them but an occasional wear – mostly in my walk-in robe, is not what I need right now. My boots need to be able to be worn for a few hours teaching and then a promenade around the shops hunting and gathering.  I’m just not used to tottering around on anything other than flats. So back to Wittners I go.
These ones are up for consideration.
Buddy at Wittner

Jenna Suede Flat Boot at Seed

Jess Lace up Heels at country Road in black.
Yes I know the Country Road booties are heels but they are scrumptious in both the dessert sand as shown here and in the black which I just might have to order on line when I find some cash under my mattress!

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