Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss Brodie

My clothes for the classroom need to be comfortable so that I can kneel, sit crouch and lean whenever I need to whilst teaching sewing.   I’m always stretching over the table to grab the pins or scissors and when there is no table space left I scramble around on the floor with the students cutting out pattern pieces.  Not that any of that is hard but my clothes need to be suitable for the task.  So no gaping necklines that reveal the assets when I lean over and no short hemlines that make floor work tricky.  This little outfit worked well today.
The flat brogues from Witchery are so comfortable they required no breaking in. The platform dessert boot was my solution to the issue of a higher cut bootie with a heel I can wear all day. These ones are a Windsor Smith from Joanne Mercer in Mocca. The colour looks more like khaki which suits the cargo skirt from Witchery and open weave boxy top from Country Road.
Windsor Smith Pacific

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