Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My not so secret addiction is the magnificent feeling of wearing soft luxurious cashmere on bare skin.  I cannot resist a purchase when my favourite cashmere website goes on sale. I have quite a number of cashmere jumpers, hoodies and singlets.  No cardigans… yet.
Of course I have had to research the best types of cashmere but when it comes down to it, its just all about what feels good to the touch. All of my cashmere items have become softer and softer after each wash. I use Pantene shampoo and cool water.  I store my items in their little drawstring bags with cedar balls to ward off those pesky moths. If there is anything that moths love to munch on it is high quality cashmere. They will go straight past the merino wool in favour of the most expensive knitwear you own. 

My top websites for cashmere are –
B&M have gorgeous modern designs, fantastic delivery times and their packaging is divine. I recently made a purchase and the next morning the item was heavily discounted.  I emailed them and they happily refunded the difference in price . It made my day!

Also the cashmere knitwear from Scanlan and Theodore is always fine gauge and superb quality. And the little trouble maker that started this wicked addiction is the Del Corso Italian brand that I bought from Euro Collections in a moment of indulgent madness several years ago. One of my nieces is about to be gifted this one as it is a bit on the skimpy side for me. 

The odd fact about cashmere is that the smoother and non fluffy the garment is when it is new,  the softer and more long lasting it will be in the long run. 
Now... lets see if cardigans are on sale.

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