Tuesday, October 2, 2012

bloggy catch up

 I've been here, there and everywhere lately. So here's a massive catch up.
I wandered out of my tramping ground on the Mornington Peninsula up to Sydney town for a little family visit.

 A jar of sangria at The Flying Squirrel on Bondi Road got things off to a merry start.

 The Bronte to Bondi walk.

Proof of walk...
 Manly for lunch

 And ice cream after that...
 Breakfast at Favoloso - Belgrave St Bronte

 Bronte Beach

 Puppy sitting for a friend... he barked at the possums all night. Argghhh.

 Cherry blossom at the back door.

Panini and a coffee at Via Boffe in Mornington. The sunshine and a newspaper equaled perfection.

Irises for spring


  1. Lovely photos Mary. I love Sydney for an extended weekend too. Weather looked perfect, food delicious, and good on you for doing the walk. Catch up soon Jen x

    1. I am going to be a frequent flier up to Sydney from now on - I loved it.


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