Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my sustainable softies

As readers of this blog would remember - I make softies for anyone who loves a little cuddly, quirky fellow to make them smile.
They are made from recycled wool, angora and cashmere sweaters.
Well... I have now become even more eco friendly by using a stuffing made from recycled PET bottles. I know - very environmentally aware and responsible and all that. These toys are now completely made from recycled materials, leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. (Always wanted to write that)

 Chloe is not quite finished but I'm doing that today.

These softies are for sale on my facebook page - Alice Blue Softies.
You can look at the page even if you don't have a facebook account.
If would like to buy one of my softies for $30 AU you can leave me a comment or go to the facebook page and reserve your softie by commenting under the photo. You can private message me on my FB page and then my people can talk to your people.
I can post anywhere for whatever it costs and I use paypal or bank transfer.

And as a little acknowledgement to the Australian company that makes the eco friendly toy stuffing here's their link and a pic.

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