Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm happy about...

Coming back from Fitzroy on Tuesday I was pretty desperate to get off the freeway to get some petrol - I picked the right exit as there was a petrol station just up the highway. That made me happy indeed. When I opened the petrol cap it gasped like it had been running on vapours for miles.
I had to have a gin and tonic when I got home to chill out.

 Zetta Florence in Brunswick Street was pretty cool - rows and piles of things. I like that.

 I loved the marbled paper on these journals.

 We walked further on to check out second hand clothing havens.

 Hunter Gatherer yielded some good finds.

 They had a wonderful row of old sewing machines - classics.

 The Myer De Luxe was a bit of a stunner in her day.

But I think the Homestar De Luxe might take the prize.

Just doodling some faces for upcoming softies. I think I was channeling ET on the left there.

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