Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm happy about...

We've got weirdo tropical weather in Melbs at the moment and it has made the students languid.  That's ok though because we have almost completed our project and then the students rotate to another activity.
Yay, I'm finished for the year  - so lots of blogging for me!
Other projects on my 'to do list' are - creating a collection of framed photos and artfully displaying them, sewing some summer dresses, putting in a raised bed vege patch and maybe creating some cooking masterpieces and getting them on the table instead of relying on Kim & Lee. ( you guessed it - the local Chinese Restaurant).

 Balmy evenings are perfect for sitting on the boat.

Saw it - had to get it . Samantha Wills, you can be quite fierce when you want to be.

 This is my framing inspiration - from Domino magazine.

My next sewing group will be making playsuits or onesies - somewhat like this one but without the sultry pose ( at least while I'm looking)

Perhaps these images are more "suitable". I'm still looking for a pattern without the elastic casing at the top - so off to the pattern books I go.

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