Thursday, September 29, 2011

astral projection - shameless plug

I like unusual art forms and I especially like my son's most recent work involving projections. He completed a piece of work recently for The Melbourne Fringe Festival - Insomnia Cat Come To Stay. The reviews in the Age and the Sun were quite good, so that's a bit exciting.
His part of the show involves old school hand drawn images in a stop animation.
Its on until the 8th Oct so catch it if you can.

I was right at home back in the day with peace, love and the whole damn thing so its a bit of a surprise to have my son and his cousin( The Ovals) reprising and reinventing all things psychedelic.
Tom's projections at live music venues are gathering a bit of interest around the traps. He has a low tech approach to his visuals and creates all manner of wonderful patterns and effects using overhead projectors and other equipment from eras past.

He has a facebook page Astral Projection to inform interested parties of upcoming events and his contact details are on the info page.

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