Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moroccan Tea Party

I had the notion the other day that I needed a Moroccan teapot.  The idea came to me as I sipped Long Island Tea at The Brass Razu in Mornington.  Some of my best ideas come to me under these circumstances.  Of course I had to source the little colored Moroccan glasses as well.

Now that the teapot and glasses have arrived I have put them to good use making fresh mint tea. I picked the remaining  clumps of mint from the herb patch and and then made the tea.
Here are the instructions gleaned from a few different sources on the internet.
 Looks a bit sad this old herb patch!

 Boil the water and fill the teapot three quarters full. Place over a low flame. Put a teaspoon or a teabag of Green Tea into the pot.
 Then put in two teaspoons of sugar and at least 1 cup of fresh mint leaves. Seems like a lot but you need the flavor. Allow to simmer for a minute and then take off the heat and steep for several minutes.
Grab a pot holder as the handle will be burning hot.  Pour the tea from a little height so as to create a froth on top. Pour this back into the pot and repeat. Do not stir the mint in the pot as this bruises it.
 Now pour your glasses of tea again from a little height to ensure each glass has a frothy bubbly top.
Enjoy with some of the lemon syrup cake!

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