Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bali Sojourn

Sunset Drinks

The bag is packed and I’m off to Bali for a fun week with some girlfriends.  There are so many restaurants and boutiques to revisit and many more to discover. Most of our pre Bali discussions have been about the duty free liquor we will be buying so that we can mix our own pre dinner and sunset drinks for Happy Hour.  Long Island tea will definitely be a favourite.  It requires a combination of the white sprits – gin, vodka, cointreau, white rum, lime juice and a dash of coke. It is truly potent and very delicious. I’ll post the best recipe as judged by our expert panel soon.
I can’t wait for a Nasi Goreng wrapped in brown paper and string brought to me by Putu on the beach.  Made (marday) will bring me special silver jewellery and Andy will try to sell me genuine watches until I say I need to relax now – no more!  I find that after the first beach visit if I need to relax and not be bothered the sellers will leave me alone. Scary lady!  You have to chill out in Bali – just go with the flow.  The pace slows down and everything happens in Bali time.  Control freaks get a lesson in another way of living.
My Kindle has been loaded up with several books on the shortlist.  I must have read the sample chapter of three or four books.  Here are the books that await a sun lounge and umbrella on Blue Ocean Beach.

 Chosen because it reminds me of Secret Life of Bees - strong female characters with the constraints of the era bearing down on them.
This one is set in The Holocaust and tells of the French involvement in the rounding up of Jews for the camps. Might be a good one for book club.
Chosen for the intrigue of conjoined twins and their chosen field of surgery as (separated) adults. 
I'm sure I will get time to read at least one of these books in between massages, lunches, shopping, walking and swimming.
Aaahh Bali.....

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