Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Alice

The name of my Blog has a little bit of history for me.  My mother used to sing this song quite pleasantly and I always loved it. I must admit that sometimes after several renditions the three of us children would beg her to stop.  As she has been gone many years now I remember the song fondly and often catch myself singing it. It is still a comforting reminder of my childhood. Mum’s eyes were a beautiful shade of blue and this song reminds me of her.
Here are the words of the first verse.....
1920's Print of the Alice Blue Gown
In my sweet little Alice blue gown
When I first wandered down into town
I was both proud and shy, as I felt every eye
And in every shop window I primped passing by
Then in manner of fashion, I'd frown
And the world seemed to smile all around
'Til it wilted, I wore it, I'll always adore it

My sweet little Alice blue gown.
Edith Day’s recording is an oldie but a goodie

The song also appeals to me because of the Roosevelt connection.
Alice Roosevelt was a bit of a rebel and fashion icon. It is said that the song was written as an ode to her and her signature colour of azure blue. President Roosevelt was quoted once as saying “I can run the country, or I can control my daughter, but I can’t do both” Something about her fiery nature is intriguing. Just like my mum.

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  1. Hello, do you have any idea where I can get a copy of the Alice Blue Gown picture? I'm based in the UK.

    If you know, can you email me

    Thanks so much, Tor x


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