Sunday, January 23, 2011

The long trip home

Hokkaido Spa and Sports Resort

Our journey home from Japan was made quite a bit longer due to engine trouble in Sapporo before we left the runway .  So we were off loaded, had to go through immigration , get our bags and skis, board a bus and travel off into the Hokkaido country side to a hotel for the night. The sign on the long driveway looked promising - Spa and Sports resort. We were promptly checked in to a more than adequate room and then I had a beautiful bath and bed. I went exploring the next morning. The resort was full of Japanese couples dressed in yukatas heading for the onsen or breakfast. The onsen was beautiful with several pools inside as well as one outside surrounded by snow. There was a litte ski run in the grounds and a splendid backdrop of snow clad volcano mountains in the distance.
After breakfast we loaded all the bags onto the bus , went to the airport and repeated the whole process again. Not Funny.
Our plane took off this time. We landed in Hong Kong where the Chinese airline staff had to find seats to Melbourne for our large group. There was much drama and time taken to sort us all on to flights and in the wash up I agreed to fly on a later flight than my husband who wanted to get home to participate in the big sailing event of the year - Geelong Week.  So I was the Lone Ranger on the final part of the journey. I felt a bit weird but I lost myself in yet another onboard movie and fell into a half sleep. We had to transfer on to a domestic flight at Sydney and then finally arrived in Melbourne. As expected half the luggage was missing when we went to pick it up. So in our exhausted states we arranged for missing pieces to be sent to our homes the next day. On to another bus with much less baggage and then finally home. Oh sweet warmth in the air and the familiar surrounds. Bliss!
My dogs went crazy - but not as much as usual . I think they rather liked their baby sitter that minded them while I was away!
After a lovely nights sleep in my own bed my first task in the morning was to have a pedicure. Those ski boots had taken their toll on my poor feet. Now they feel smooth and my toenails are summery tangerine.
Revlon 914 Tropical Temptation

The ski clothes are washed and drying outside in the warm air. I will fold and box them up ready for our winter in six months. I have lots to do before then. My knees need attention from an expert - a brace might be necessary. And I am going to have to get my legs stronger. Lots of lunges for me! I love having a goal.
I've put my new little softies with my collection and now they peek down from my chest of drawers to make me smile.

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