Wednesday, January 30, 2013

flu saga

I have been struck with a flu straight out of the Dark Ages, or the Old Testament or some other era of plague and tempest.

It has been 11 days now - eleven I tell you! Not all of it has been in writhing delirium of fever - that took about 5 days to settle but the cough is truly heinous. My chest whistles and crackles like an old church organ - so not attractive.

But how long am I contagious for I ask you Dr Google???

Some say 24 hours after the last fever -  others say while you have symptoms that you will have active virus. I felt like I had a fever again after a brave venture out yesterday. So now I am a flu criminal  - spreading my contagion all over the place.
I should never have watched that movie just before my trip to Japan. It kept repeating in my head when the cook chopped up the pork and then shook hands with Gwyneth.  ooohh poor Gwyneth you're doomed!..... maybe I still have a fever. I'm now talking to fictitious characters from a movie.

Its summer around these parts so I doubt whether I have unleashed a flu epidemic. I just need some chicken soup and a few more movies ( not Contagion ) and I will be on the mend.

 turmeric, garlic and ginger to boost the immune system

 the recipe called for tamari which is lighter in salt and wheat but this one is all I had.

 Heaps of chopped coriander and some chilli for zing...

at last some chicken soup .... so soothing and comforting.  It will also blow your sox off!
Thank you to Teresa Cutter the healthy cook for her grandmother's recipe for Polish chicken soup.

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