Tuesday, January 15, 2013

blog birthday #2

The blog turned two today - yay party!
I have returned to the birthplace of my blog - Hirafu in Hokkaido. It's wonderful to be back and sitting here looking up the ski run from my little writing possy is pretty darn good. Out the other window is the view to the volcano - Mt Yotei.

 The snow is getting deeper and deeper.

 Oh sweet heaven save me...

 My daily ritual is a visit to Seicomart.

 A gift to celebrate the blog's birthday was wrapped in the Japanese way - I felt quite the barbarian unwrapping it. But this little fellow had to be revealed.  I so want his green hatted brothers. I might have to go back to the Farmer's Market to purchase.

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  1. Great photos Mary. Green with envy here lol. Love the little red hatted person x Jen


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