Friday, August 10, 2012

sewing cave

I had a deep cleanse of my sewing studio yesterday - very calming and therapeutic. I sorted my recycled knitwear collection into colours and put them in a plastic drawer arrangement I bought at Masters. 
 I know it still looks like a jumble but it is organised chaos.

 It's all about the colours.

 These two little fellows just jumped out of the sweaters as I was sorting them into their drawers.


I designed a stamp for my swing tag and it arrived this week. My logo is from my Valencia series.  
I will have a stamping session when I feel like a soothing repetitive task.

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  1. You look very organised - everything has a place and everything in its place!

    Just this morning, I was thinking it's time for a big spring clean and seeing these pics has made me decide that the sooner I make a start the better!



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