Tuesday, August 14, 2012

˚◡˚ just playin' ☮

Have you ever wondered how people get their own little signatures on emails and social networking posts or are you already all over it?

Go up to edit at the top of the page and click on special characters - a whole world of typographic goodness awaits. Just click and drag the character to where you want it. Highlight it and use the font size tool to make it bigger.

By combining characters on two different lines you can get this cute cat      ∧_∧          

My little sign off signature at the moment is ˚◡˚   Cute - I know...

I used ˚ called Ring Above  and  ◡ Lower Half Circle.  Just put the symbol name into the search box in Characters and the result will pop up with many variations for you to choose.
Go on - knock yourself out - its addictive¡¡¡ and probably quite annoying for the reader at times.

I have saved my favs so I can easily find them. ☃ ☮ ☕ I enlarged these using the font size tool just so you could see their detail. 
© Copy-write symbol could be quite handy.
And  all the variations of  ℳ  have caught my eye  Ⓜ 
Ok I'll stop now.
You go and play.......˚◡˚
PS... if all you see is Question marks where a symbol should be then its something to do with your settings - far too complicated for me to help with.

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