Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It was rainy and windy on Tuesday so I went into my sewing cave and didn't come out until I was due to go to the movies with the book club ( yes I know we should be discussing a book, but a movie every so often is therapeutic). 

We went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It presents an unlikely scenario both in the ambitious dam project  and in the romance stakes. The scene stealer is Kristen Scott Thomas as the ruthless press secretary.  She reminded me of Ab Fab's Patsy as she became more conniving as the story unfolded. Even though Ewan McGregor's character,  Dr Jones was quite a twerp he was still adorable. And I think I have a girl crush on Emily Blunt. I also have to mention the very handsome  Tom Mison.  Go see it.

My sewing frenzy produced a weird fellow called Jimbo. He is a return to the odd types of softies I love to make.

These softies are available at - you can click on the link at the side of this post to go straight to my shop - Alice Blue Softies.

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