Monday, April 16, 2012

bubble and eggs

A loverly bubbly Sunday breakfast thanks to Jamie Oliver! I mashed up the roast vegies from a day ago and put them into a hot non stick pan. I kept turning them over so that the crispy bits went through the mix. Then I hollowed out two little caves and cracked an egg into each one. I put the pan in the oven for 5 mins and then served. It sure looked messy but it tasted delicious. Jamie's recipe includes baked chipolatas and tomatoes and would be a great brunch. Here's the link to his recipe.

Other things that I've been up to lately have kept me away from blogging but I'm going to be a better blogging girl - starting from.... now!
 A lion onesie I made for a friend.

 A pj shorts set one of my young students made.

 Somers store was a great lunch destination on a sunny day this week. My friend and I lunched on the deck, shopped in the store and walked on the beach. I bought the green cup with the pink interior. Perfect size for that morning cuppa.

 Moran and Cato brings back childhood memories of grocery shopping in Mordialloc.

 Gorski and Jones is a very cool wine bar /cafe in Smith Street, Collingwood. Have the meatball piada - very special.

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