Wednesday, March 14, 2012

orangutan love

Sometimes you watch a TV program that entrances you and holds you and more importantly drives you to action. Australian Story - you've done it again with the Book of Daniel that aired on 12/3/12.
Watch this and I'm pretty sure you will be as moved as I was.
You can view the episode on your computer on ABC's iview or catch repeat screenings on TV this weekend.
Young boys - Daniel Clarke and his brother William have written a book Tears in the Jungle for children about saving the critically endangered orangutans. I might just have to buy that one.
The book's website is here - and you can order a book online.
Their goal is to raise $1m to buy back the jungle and raise awareness of the plight of the orangutan. All profits of the sale of the book goes towards orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and release programs as well as protecting their habitat.

Daniel has cerebral palsy and has not been able to hold a baby before but when this baby orangutan was put in his arms it could cling to him. He said it was the best day of his life.

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