Sunday, March 25, 2012

miss fisher

I'm loving Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on ABC tv Fri 8.30. The locations in Melbourne completely mesmerize me and Phryne's costumes are divine. When I used to visit my grandmother and her sisters in Toorak back in the day there were garments in wardrobes that were a little worse for wear but just like Phryne's.
 I love watching this show and imagining the aunts back in 1920's Melbourne. 
I'm pretty sure they weren't gun totting gals but there were a few stories told around the scrubbed kitchen table that were not repeated in the front parlour.

 That fur stole is OTT but I so wish the aunts had left me one like that.

The velvet coat with fur collar  - I want...
If you want to catch up on the episodes they are available on the ABC iview website. I'm just a bit addicted to this site.

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