Friday, November 16, 2012

exploding nano ipod

the other night whilst I was sleeping...... 

my 1st generation apple ipod nano exploded and burst into flames right next to my pillow. I still had the earphones in and the "bang" woke me up.  I instinctively grabbed the earphones out and held up the device by the cords while yellow flames and sparks shot out of it. It was still attached to the charger so I yanked that out and the flames stopped but plumes of the most acrid smoke poured out of it.
The sheets and pillow were all sooty but had not ignited so no other damage was done.

But now I am on a crusade to make sure all these old nanos are sent back to Apple's ipod exchange program.

You see tucked away in the apple website is a half-hearted acknowledgement that the 1st generation ipod nanos ( sold between 2005 and 2006 ) have faulty batteries that may be a fire hazard - ya think???? The batteries become more unstable as they age. There are enough cases of these nanos exploding or melting around the world for Apple to have instigated the exchange program but note that it is not called a recall. 
 I don't think they have taken sufficient responsibility to warn people. These devices could cause a house or car fire and the thought of one playing a lullaby on a speaker dock in a child's bedroom keeps haunting me.

I have been trying to get Apple to issue a warning and an email to all registered owners of these ipods. Most people have their Apple devices registered to access the itunes store. So really why has Apple avoided their responsibility?
Apple want me to sign a nondisclosure agreement , send my burnt out ipod back to them and then they will send me a new ipod nano.
Now I don't know about you but it seems like Apple is trying to buy my silence with a shiny new ipod worth $149.00.
I want them to issue a warning, and I don't want to be gagged. 
So I guess I won't be getting the new ipod.
But I'd rather have my conscience clear... damn you conscience.

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