Saturday, December 1, 2012

hail the pudding

 Its Christmas Pudding time and once again I have tackled the task with unbridled enthusiasm. If you detect The Grinch hanging around then you are spot on. But I have sent him scurrying and I've gotten on with the task.

I carry out this ritual every year  since I inherited the mantle from my parents. I always have a little laugh as I get all the ingredients ready and I dedicate the pudding to them. Its my bit of nostalgia and an ode to my father in particular.  He was quite a deft hand at Christmas fare and the jam making that comes at this time of the year when the plums ripen. oh the memories....

 I soaked the fruit in lashings of brandy.

I got out the Margaret Fulton recipe - oh Margaret you have served me well.

I threw it all together with the Breville mixer

and made a hideous mess in the kitchen.

The proof of the pudding.....

Only 25 sleeps til Christmas!
What's your favourite Christmas recipe?

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