Thursday, August 4, 2011

on a night like this...

It was so mild and clear last night I left the scarf and coat at home and had a little promenade with my man along the Yarra at Southbank.  We had a "glass of" and a chat before meeting the family for dinner.

Canon s95 Auto setting

Canon S95 Scene setting - landscape

I had to have an experiment with my new camera . I'm still getting used to the settings and I took some comparison shots. The first one looked ok until I looked at the second one which has far better detail and less noise.
Learning some digital photography skills is going to keep me off the streets for a while.

Dinner at Tutto Bene was happy/sad with the imminent departure of one of my chickens and her partner to live interstate. We spend our time as parents giving them the best wings we can and then we are surprised when they want to use them! 
So I really am happy... and sad.

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