Tuesday, May 31, 2011

turning over a new leaf

Thanks to Sarah Wilson's blog I have taken a good look at my cosmetics and other bathroom products.

I thought that I was aware of nasty ingredients in my products but on an examination of the labels many of my products are unsuitable and will be phased out.
Even my wonderful discovery of Moroccan oil has been dampened by finding out that it is loaded with undesirable substances - silicon and dimethicone to name a couple.

I found a better product that is pure argan oil here.
Sarah provided this link to help us decipher why certain ingredients are toxic. Environmental Working Group is a US body that  has ranked 65,000 products for their level of harmful contents.

I would rather select products with fewer nasties in them because I do not want to load my body up with substances that are poisonous and in some cases such as heavy metals accumulate in the body.
Some would say that it is more important to scrutinize things we put on our skins as they are absorbed straight into the system without any digestive processes to break them down.

There is a wealth  of information out there but it is very difficult to work out when a substance is dangerous or not. The cosmetics industry is notoriously unregulated which means it is a case of "buyer beware".  Consumers  assume that if a product is for sale then it is safe to use. So not True!

There needs to be greater accountability on the part of the manufacturers to ensure that the toxic ingredients are not used any more. We can stop buying the worst of these products if we know about them. So have a look at what  Sarah had to say to help you choose your lipsticks, sunscreen and shampoos from an informed background.  She has plenty of links there and in a few related posts if you want to chase it up further.
Sarah Wilson - the safest cosmetics

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  1. Hi! I came accross your site as I am a fan of Sarah Wilson too. For pure Moroccan Argan Oil, you might want to try www.mirashand.com.au - the company is Australian/Moroccan and they give back to the community in Morocco. Like your blog!


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