Thursday, May 26, 2011

no nasties shampoo

To address a few hair issues lately I went searching for some all natural products that would let my scalp settle down and maybe encourage some hair regrowth. I'm happy to say mission accomplished.

 This shampoo and rinse is sulphate and silicone free with yoghurt and berry extract and smells divine

I will use up the rest of a well known brand to wash my cashmere jumpers!
The true hero of this story is Moroccan oil.  I had a very itchy reaction to hair dye and nothing I used worked.  So my lovely hairdresser Nick  recommended I use it.  I put a teaspoon or so between my fingers and rubbed it into my scalp and left it there for two days. Surprisingly my hair was not an oil slick and the itching calmed down.  After a week or so of using the oil more sparingly my scalp is itch free.
It is wonderful for the hair - it soaks straight in and stops the flyaway look. I'm now a devotee - I supposed you noticed.
The soap in the handmade dish is by EST.  It is an olive oil rich soap with essential oils - I love it. Thanks to my friend L who gave it to me for Christmas (it lasts!)

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