Thursday, April 25, 2013

screening mad

I'm thrilled to bits to be doing a screen printing workshop at Harvest Textiles next weekend. The Harvest Workroom is where all the action is and I hope to learn the ropes in one big session.

I'm so excited I'm literally incapable of looking at the paints and implements I bought online to have a play with.  I thought I might do some colour tests and some drawings to see what shapes I like. Nup! Nothing hapening! So I will go to my class like an open book, ready to be  inspired by the lovely folk at Harvest.
I have bought some  linen fabrics to print my design onto. I hope to make some tea towels out of it.

I have also got more linen like fabric to print on and if that works out I will make cushions out of it. You can never have too many cushions - Right?
I've been scouting around the internet for images of animals to draw in silhouette. I'd like to make a screen print over another print - the oh so lovely chevron. Can't beat a good chevron.
I can see a zebra head or a deer superimposed over the chevron.
mmm I can see I'm going to be a blithering wreck by the time I do this class. I hope the instructors take me firmly by the hand and tell me to focus!

A few other random shapes to draw -definitely the pineapple, antlers, cockatoo...

There's just something about the good old cocky that says go ahead, make my day. So I think a tote bag with this outline and the cocky comb printed in an unlikely colour could work. 
 I'm going to stop now.
The End

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