Sunday, May 6, 2012


Remember back in June I wrote about the street artist Rone?

I had no idea that the original paste up is so big. I am captivated by both the image and the story.
So is Craig Sillitoe of The Age in Melbourne.

The unknown girl of the street.

"L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street) is my adaption of the story, in which an unknown girl deals with the death of a loved one." Rone.
and this...

"Exploring the juxtaposition between the beauty of my paste-up girls and their natural deterioration on the street led me to use layered and torn billposters as my canvas. The illegibility of the destroyed billposters signifies our inability to focus and make sense of life when faced with mortality."    Rone

This is one street artist I'm going to keep my eye on.

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