Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FebFast for me

Week 1 ✓
 I'm trying all the Italian mineral waters over the next few weeks.
I'm also getting creative with my evening non alcoholic drink. Ginger beer with heaps of ice and mulled mint leaves is delicious.
Sarah Wilson has been my inspiration to join Febfast and her deal maker tips pushed me over the line.
Here's what she wrote -

If you’re currently on the see-saw of ‘should I/shouldn’t I’, let’s see if this helps:

  • Eliminating alcohol from your diet is a quick way to lose weight. One beer is the caloric equivalent of a meat pie. Two glasses of champagne is one fifth of your recommended energy intake for a day. Ouch!
  • If you have an autoimmune disease, or any health concerns, alcohol makes things way worse. It’s highly acidic stuff, and disease can only be cured when we alkalise our systems. Less acid and we heal faster. Having a month out will really give your body a chance to heal.
  • I believe in rest. Pausing. We go so fast, so hard, we get stuck in ruts. To pause, to take time out from anything gives our bodies and psyches a chance to recalibrate. Breaking a drinking habit (however strong or weak) refreshes…so that when you have your first drink in March, you choose it and you enjoy it and things feel new.
  • Just doing something different, seeing what you’re capable of when you don’t revert to a “drink after work” or a “night at the pub” is special. It gets you creative, alive to yourself and your friends and partner.
 So my husband and I are all signed up on Sarah's team to cleanse our livers and contribute some funds to helping young people with beating alcohol abuse.

Last night we dined out on the deck at the Rocks as a mid week cheer up.

I live here. Pretty nice - me thinks.
If you want to sponsor me in my febfast quest follow the link below.

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