Sunday, January 15, 2012

happy bloggy birthday

Happy 1st Blog Birthday! Yay blog. Hip hip hooray...

Does one get blog birthday presents? Probably not, but I'll share a little toast to a year of blogging and lots of good bloggy joy to come. Cheers!

I celebrated my own birthday recently and had quite a joyous time.

I am now the proud owner of a macbook Air. Slim isn't she?

It was present from my husband, but chosen by me. I prefer a computer to an ipad - the keyboard is much better for all the documents I produce. The light weight of the Air is going to be great on my travels. Even though the era of the CD is all but over I bought the CD driver so that I can load new devices and maybe watch a DVD sometime. Old habits die hard. I'll leave it home on trips.

Now to get some travel plans in the pipeline. I'm lagging this year on selecting a trip from my bucket list. mmmm - let me see - definitely a Bali trip during winter, and maybe a tag along on a business trip to ... wait for it.... Paris! I'm probably dreaming but that's free right? Fingers crossed.


  1. super slim! congrats on the blog birthday, and also your own! great blog lady!


    Bang & Buck

    1. Thanks! Lots more to come this year.

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging and your birthday! Both worth celebrating and a new stunning MacBook air looks to be the perfect way!

    1. ooh a little bit of birthday love - ta my lovely!


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