Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm happy about...

My Mirabel softie Oscar made it onto the gallery at "meet me at mikes". He's picture 7.
If you want to see some cute softies made by crafters from all around have a look. More here.

Well done to everyone who put their imagination and time into a little creation that will give a Mirabel child some joy.
Other things that made me happy...

 My Witchin pendant arrived from Victoria Mason and Ghostpatrol and even though its for Christmas I had to take a peek. ♥

 Even though I have had an inner ear infection with vertigo that was alarming to say the least I managed a trip to Chadstone to see if Tiffany was still there. I wish-listed for all I was worth. Hope I get one of those aqua boxes that have a red bow especially for Christmas. See them under the tree? That's as close as I may get.


 T2 always provides some eye candy.

 My white sticks look pretty with their little Christmas floosies hanging all around. Out the window it was raining with the the sun shining. Melbourne does that.

 Christmas floosie.

 Hello newbie.

 I'm loving my new cushions from cottonbox sick.

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