Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Nespresso juggernaut

Coffee purists should probably look away now... but then again you might have to get off your high horse.
I succumbed to the marketing madness that is the Nespresso coffee making method.  I bought the Pixie machine that comes with an aeroccino3. IMHO the coffee it produces is as good or better than most coffee shops.

I dropped in to the Nespresso boutique at Chadstone and they certainly have created a retail "experience". That's George at the tasting counter having a sample.

The shop is decked out with superior lighting ( I love a good light fitting) and the pods are displayed on the wall in their jewel colours in a most festive manner. I had fun selecting my pods to take home.
You can try a number of different blends and then order at the counter the "sleeves" of ten that you want. They have a limited edition variety just to add to the "must have now" hype. There is online ordering as well but then you don't get George.

If the resulting cup of coffee wasn't so good I'd slam the whole process but it is wonderful. George is right.
I am working my way through a few different blends and getting thoroughly coffeed out. 
The Decaffeinato Intenso is full flavoured and a great alternative when you want the taste but not the caffeine - I know - why bother - but sometimes you have to.

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